Tuesday, July 1, 2014

World Cup Bug has bit me...

So the World Cup has been going on for a couple weeks, and unfortunately it is almost over. But I have been keeping myself entertained by collecting stickers and placing them in the official Panini sticker album. So far the Brazilian team is almost complete

Friday, June 6, 2014

Graduation Day!!!!

May my classmates and I have a wonderful life where ever we may go or any path we choose to take...
 (weep, weep.......)

the Class of 2014

P.S. When is our reunion?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Final Wind Turbine Build Updates

Renewable Energy PowerPoint Presentation on Dropbox

Actual Wind Turbine Picture Goes Here:

Random Content

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Final Essay Project

So this year has been a wild ride with its peaks and really steep drops and others that are small. The year is not over yet because we still have the "finals" stretch. But we got through this year and I am thankful that I am graduating with the corresponding class of 2014.  But this post isn`t about my ride through the institution turned mutant that we Americans call school. 

I believe that we had had our moments where Dr. Preston would want to just throw a fit for us being late. Or when we weren`t on our blog trying to do assignments that he asked for. Those moments I am not deserved to have been part of because I was also part of the bandwagon, with the rest of the Expository Composition students

Before I had some idea about being someone in the sustainable earth job sector but it really didn`t stick. It was almost like a dream or just like a hobby. Now that I didn`t have an idea of what to do for his Masterpiece Project, that little conscoius in the back of my head brought a picture or a still moment in time and I had a light bulb moment. The next challenge was to put that idea, with the knowledge given to me from my AP Environmental Science class, into action and into actually something visual. This combination mixed together and it brought me to the conclusion that I should build a wind turbine. My goals for continuing this are to attend Allan Hancock College to complete my general education adn if they have programs for the kind of career I want to pursue, I will surely be taking those classes. 

The literature that I think we read were only the ones from the literary analyses. But I enjoyed the novel Robinson Crusoe and a few others I can`t seem to remember. But I know we read lots of articles from online and printed sources such as that New York excerpt and that Medium story or novel or whatever it may have been. 

Now the presentations that we all saw of each other were great, and those were a really wide range of topics and studies that most of us presented. To connect them all is a challenge but here I go. 
Daniel`s dish presentation was really good in visual terms and in flavorful terms. To connect his, I think that Tiana`s and Summer`s presentations fit the bill (haha, dinner service pun!) because first Tiana was talking about leaving for the European countries soon after high school. Well, Italians are really passionate about having family all around the table with enormous amounts of hearty delicious food. Not to mension that they cook all their food 99.999% of the time from scratch. And that is alot of "amorĂ©" for me to see. going back to the family idea fits Summer`s Masterpiece PowerPoint slides because she was talking about how humans interact with each by having fun. Well, when ever we have parties here in the USA, without any kind of alcoholic beverage thrown into the picture, we tend to enjoy each other because we feel comfortable with our most closest loved ones, in thick and thin. I am going to use one of her videos she used when they were off at Grad Nite at Disneyland/ California Adventure. Her friends were very happy together because they know each other, and more importantly they were off at Disneyland Resort to enjoy  each other while we have the time. I think now that I look at it, some of our presentations are about time, and carpe diem, and just not letting materialistic items get in our way.  Just like Valentina`s presentation where she gave an example of how  we tend to react when a smartphone, like an iPhone, is dropped and everyone stops and stares at you with a range of thoughts. On the other hand,  if someone actually falls themselves, there is no one to value it and help you out. 

I am positive my journey is complete because I have come along way from the first few days of August. According to Dr. Preston, I was shy at first. Then I had alot more to say in his class and on this blog, even in this essay as I am getting this done. I was a  rookie on my blog at first. Like anyone else, I also had to learn the digital ropes of blogging and start getting the hang of it if I was going to use it the entire year. Of course with the help of some of my classmates from abroad Righetti and other sources on the internet I was not only able to create this incredible blog but also placing a second blog to my name. Now I can say that defeat the "three-headed monster" in front of me. What will happen to these to blogs? Right now there is no set  idea. What will I be doing? Like any great heroic Western movie, I will probably be riding off into the metaphoric sunset into a new chapter in my life. Again thanks to all of you out there popping into my blog and making it the blog that it is.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Request for Response


First of all, let me pay my condolences to the victims of the shooting at UCSB. May your spirits be somewhere free of all this bureaucracy and (in my opinion), turmoil, and disorganization of our very government.
Now let me begin. our government needs new laws set in place to control all sales of guns. second, straighten out the fundamental amendments our founding fathers set in stone metaphorically speaking less than 200 years. Why less than 200 years? Because recently our rights have been put down by our government by saying it is unconstitutional to rally and say what you have to say to your country leaders. I feel like we are paying the price while Mr. Obama is taking a stroll to a little league game!! And we can`t seem to fix our tremendously high national debt. Lack of leadership, organization, and excess use of speeches. Tell us what really is going on DC, don`t smother it with frosting, tell us where our money is going. Anyway, now that that is off my chest, the fact that a student studying for the legal rights sector (aka being a lawyer) of the economy, and having issues with his physique, is no reason for anyone to have seven guns and about one thousand rounds of ammunition. Let also clarify that probably the school itself did not create an inspection warrant to check his particular dorm room.

BOTTOM LINE: GET YOUR THINGS TOGETHER WASHINGTON! We are the new generation and do not want to have to deal with this bowl of &$@!# (fill in the blank if you wish!!).

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just curious...

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just trying something out I was wondering about...

New Favicon to the Website...

1. First log in to your blogger account
2. Click on your website name in the dashboard
3. Click on Layout
4. Head to the favicon gadget. If you don't have it already, click Add Gadget, next Favicon, or something like that.
5. Once favicon gadget is present, hit edit.
6. Click on Choose file. I chose a picture of a small stack of books. It will display the picture you chose.
7. Click on Save
8. View your blog to make sure and enjoy!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Something New to Learn from...

En 1920 llega a Ciudad Valles la energía eléctrica los Ingenieros Tomas y Angel Oliva instalan una pequeña central eléctrica que apenas podía suministrar a pocos lugares de la ciudad produciendo alrededor de 8 kilos de potencia, posteriormente a esto formaron una sociedad con Romualdo del Campo y lograron hacer una instalación más fuerte que producía 50 kilos de fluido eléctrico, y varios años después el Ingeniero Mario Niño Salgado fundo la Central Hidroelectrica del Rio Micos S.A. llegando a cifras de 3000 kilos de potencia, convirtiéndose estos en los primeros distribuidores de energía eléctrica de Ciudad Valles.

The gist of the Wikipedia piece of text I chose basically shows how a hydroelectric dam was built near where my dad grew up. Now it is the city's major power supply, providing about 1000 watts of power, more or less.